Melo Cable provides quality Smart IP box.

This device requires an internet connection and can work with any of your ISP. ┬áThe device can also work anywhere in the world as long as it’s connected to the internet.


Melo Cable Subscription is a streaming service that provides excellent channels.

Get more channels and stream to Movies, Entertainment Channels, News Channels, Sports Channels, International Channels and many more..



How can I set up Melo IP Box?

  • Installation is easy, just connect the device in to your existing ISP box and TV. ┬áThat’s it!

Do I need to pay any monthly fees?

  • You will need to avail our subscription to feed channels in your Melo IP box for a promotional price of $20.00 per month.

I do not have any Internet Connection

  • The device and subscription requires an Internet connection to work.






  • Channels may change or temporarily be available without prior notice.
  • Device has a 14 days purchase cancellation only. Conditions apply.